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Premium Times Nigeria

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Information about Premium Times newspaper :

Type: Online newspaper

Publisher: Premium Times Services Limited

Editor: Dapo Olorunyomi

Managing editors: Musikilu Mojeed

Founded: 2011

Language: English and Hausa

Headquarters: Abuja Nigeria

The Premium Times investigated Attorney-General Adoke for his role in a covert deal that could have robbed Nigeria of N549 billion.

The newspaper also looked into the Malabu oil block presidential scam where Jonathan reportedly funneled N155 billion to nonexistent companies.

Another investigation was the Malabu Oil Deal in which corrupt Nigerian officials allegedly bought private jets and armored cars with a N83 billion-bribe.

PREMIUM TIMES had reported how fictitious companies owned by Abubakar Aliyu, a man referred to as ‘Mr. Corruption’ by anti-graft officials, received over half ($532 million) of the total $1.092 billion.

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Website includes all news from Nigeria to enable you to keep track of all the events and developments in Nigeria.

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Premium Times newspaper that publishes information about local issues, political, events and ceremonies, and the people and businessmen. To search for housing and shopping and weather then this is the place to start. About holidays and vacations and real estate and property as well as financial reports, the stock market and investments, and we can also look forward to the theater and cinema, culture, entertainment, activities and events that are all covered here in the Premium Times of Nigeria.
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